• DC Inverter Motor
  • Motion-activated
  • Rounded edges
  • Butterfly Wing Ring Suction
90CM Range Hood for a New World of Clean Provide powerful suction and extraction of fumes without the need to disassemble cabinets
Product Details
All-in System Expansive range for precise capture The Wing-like Surround Suction Plate design lowers to approach the ideal area of fume control and catches fumes before they can spread.At the same time,improving from traditional centralized intake to surround suction on all sides. In the past, fumes originating from the exterior burners typically gave range hoods trouble, but now even these fumes are easily controlled.
Double Power System With surging power, heavy fumes are nothing to fear The DC-inverter motor creates an ultra-fast rotation speed of 100,000 rpm for an airflow of 1090m3/h*. This allows for quick intake for a large amount of fumes. At the same time, the FOTILE DC-inverter motors proprietary design allows for enhanced adaptability and more stable operation.FOTILE also has a dedicated turbo function, which targets the massive amount of fumes produced by high temperature stir-frying.
Smart Drive System Reduced noise paired with powerful extraction The DC-inverter motor provides up to 900Pa of static pressure. Unlimited variable speed responds with proportionally stronger extraction pressure upon encountering a blockage. The effective extraction is adaptable to the flues of various homes, so there is no need to worry if the flue is long and has many turns.
Clean filtration for freshness you can smell FOTILE‘s unique triple-filter technology removes grease completely and Clean Air Delivery Rate up to 2x more than a standard range hood,thereby returning clean air into the kitchen.Miraculous “FRESH-AIR FILTER”, grease filtering filter, and odour-eliminating carbon filter work together for more effective grease filtration and odour elimination.Groundbreaking wind-guide structural design is turbulence-free and doesn´t blow onto the head.(Odour-eliminating carbon filter and wind-guide box must be purchased separately)
The installation process is so simple, you can do it yourself
Technical Parameters
  • Certification:SAA
  • Voltage:220-240V50/60HZ
  • Produce Size(mm)(WxDxH):895x522x566
  • Illumination Power(W):3Wx2
  • Air Flow(m³/h):1090 (IEC 61591)
  • Maximum static pressure(Pa):900
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate(%):92
  • Ordour reduction rate(%):99
  • Noise Level(dB):High Speed 56;Low Speed 39
  • Motor Power(W):294
  • Filter:"Wing-liked Surround Plate +Grease filtering filter&Odour-eliminating carbon filter (Odour-eliminating carbon filter must be purchased separately)"
  • Auto Turbo System:N
  • Intelligent Air Management:N
  • Control:Touch&Wave
  • One-touch turbo function:Y
  • Delay-off function:Y
  • Rounded edge design:Y
  • Screen lock:Y
  • Carbon filter replacement reminder:Y
  • Net Weight(kg):22.5
  • Gross Weight(kg):29
  • Packing-Box Size(mm):1005x605x630
  • Vlolume(m³):0.38
IEC:International Standard for Air Volume Testing
Installation Diagram
Wind tunnel installation ceiling installation diagram (unit: mm)
Kitchen Scene