Square too steamer, steamed out healthy and delicious

Dynamic steam balance technology, dual steam generator, 1 °C temperature control, eight intelligent cooking modes.

Original, steamed and delicious

To ensure the tender and tender taste of fish, shrimps and crabs,
Need to use dynamic steam balancing technology,
Heated with fresh steam, draining used steam in a timely manner to keep food fresh and delicious
Even if you cook a variety of dishes at the same time, you will not taste

1 °C temperature control, steaming precision

Adjustable temperature range of 30-100 °C to meet different steam needs of food
Use a thermal probe to adjust the accuracy to 1 °C and choose a better cooking temperature.
Careful and meticulous, it is delicious and full of thoughtfulness.

Fermented yogurt

Steamed egg tart

Steamed squid

Yogurt fermentation, the initial control is at 39 ° C, the later is not more than 45 ° C, the best taste
Steamed egg tarts, 95 ° C high temperature, perfect preservation of water is not easy to be old
Steamed squid, choose steamed fish mode, steam at 100 ° C for 15 minutes, taste fresh and tender

Eight sides, easy to steam

Whether it's a nutritious meal or a casual dessert, it's easy to get it.
Eight smart cooking modes, the temptation is hard to stop,
Let you minify your five-star chef in minutes to meet your individual cooking needs

Steamer series