Cooking fun that every family can feel

Classic design, refined and safe, is the intimate companion of your apartment and kitchenette.

Design with heart to make life more refined

When you prepare other dishes, you will forget the ribs soup that has been placed on the stove. If the soup overflows, it will always be a panic.
The concealed liquid pan is beautiful and easy to clean, and the movable cleaning cup prevents the soup from overflowing.
FOTILE expresses the quality of your life with details, and designs with heart, making every cooking easy.

Mobile cleaning cup

Concealed liquid tray

12 heavy protection, safe from the inside out

Layers of protection, more peace of mind, let you enjoy cooking

Flameout protection device | not afraid of flameout
Triple explosion-proof glass | not afraid of explosion
Safety umbrella protection | not afraid of soup
Child lock knob | not afraid of bear children

FD cooker series